Wedding Jewelry

Mark Schneider Enchantment
From: 2290$
Cobalt Chrome 8mm Wide Wedding
From: 3000$
10K Rose Gold .12cttw Bead 
From: 2050$

Your wedding day is celebrated as the most important day in your life, and because of this, the event should reflect who you are as a woman, a bride, and a wife. Is your style more elegant and sophisticated, or classic and understated? For each, we have numerous choices of Wedding Jewelry that will add to the beauty and glory of your special day.

The current trends are leaning towards fewer, but higher quality pieces, so as to emphasize the magnificence of, say, a stunning set of a freshwater pearl necklace and matching earrings. Throughout history, the pearl has been know as the “Queen of Gems” and valued in almost every society as representing the luminous innocence of the sea.

Pearls tend to be the most popular, classic choice of brides, and come in a variety of styles: the choker, the cuff, the Mantinee, the Rope, and the Princess. Diamonds are also chosen for their simple elegance. In all cases, the wedding jewelry should complement and match all the bridal accessories, for instance: bracelets can accentuate a sleeveless or three-quarter sleeve gown, and the type of neckline of the bridal gown should be kept in mind when choosing between necklace styles. can make these choices simple and stress-free, while offering all the relative information in order to make your wedding day the most important event of your life.