The choice of wedding rings. How to choose a jewelry for life?

Wedding rings – jewelry symbolizing love and fidelity. They carry it on the ring finger of the left or right hand, according to the traditions of the people to which the spouses belong. If the groom chooses the engagement ring for his beloved on his own, then the couple most often buys wedding jewelry accessories together, because you need to know which engagement rings to choose to be liked by both.

The assortment of stores is so large that it can satisfy any request: if you want a classic smooth yellow gold ring – please like models with metal combinations – and there are such ones, you want to see diamonds on your hands daily – everything is for you! An excellent confirmation of this is the BestGold online store, where so many models are presented that it is very, very difficult not to get lost.

Finger type

On thin fingers, a neat narrow ring will look good, possibly with small inserts in the form of stones. For a chubby pen, a wide hoop is ideal, just make sure that it is fit, because the jewelry pressed into the body not only looks ugly, but also can harm health. These recommendations are not only about how to choose a wedding ring for a girl, they are also relevant for guys.


The most expensive platinum wedding rings, they are usually liked either by lovers of light metals, or by those who cannot wear “ordinary” jewelry. However, such a product is not affordable for everyone. As analogues, you can pay attention to the silver rings. It is worth remembering that the lunar metal is too susceptible to physical influences, so there is no need to talk about its durability. There is another option white gold, which is optimal.

Quality characteristics

There must be a sample on the inside of the ring. Take a close look at it. For gold, the highest indicator is 958; it, accordingly, will be the most expensive. Most often there are items with 585 breakdowns, less often – 750, 500, 375.


The cost of decoration is the last moment to which you should pay attention. The only thing the price can hint at is the quality of the decoration. So, for example, a diamond ring will never cost too cheap, but is it worth it to overpay for a ring “like Victoria Beckham”?

Wedding rings are too individual decoration to rely on the opinions of others or the advice of stylists when choosing. Therefore, you do not need to bring advisers (friends and relatives) to the jewelry store so that they suggest how to choose the right wedding rings. The main thing is that the couple liked their future engagement rings, only then they can bring them happiness and become a real symbol of their indestructible union.

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