Cognitively about the choice of gold chains

The gold chain declares the material well-being of its owner or owner, its high social status, success and good taste. That is why many people tend to wear this accessory. In addition, gold products are not subject to aggressive atmospheric influences; they do not oxidize and do not rust. This allows you to wear daily, for example with a pectoral cross, without any consequences.


When buying a gold chain, be sure to pay attention to the sample. The absence of this marking indicates a clear fake.

The main samples for gold are 999, 958, 750, 585, 500, 375.


How long to choose a chain depends on for what purpose it will be intended. And how to choose the right gold chain for a woman largely depends on the length of the product. Medium chains draw attention to the décolleté zone, long ones draw attention to the bust, and short ones emphasize the neck. Therefore, given these facts, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and decide which chain you need.


The main types of weaving are fantasy, combined, armored, perlin, anchor. Which one to give preference to is absolutely a matter of taste for everyone, but you need to remember that, for example, the anchor chain of different thickness looks different: large links make it more rigid and strict, which means that men’s, small elements will suit almost everyone.


Small clasps, unfortunately, do not guarantee the reliability of decoration socks. Therefore, when wondering how to choose a male or female gold chain, be sure to pay attention to the larger locks and be sure to try to fasten and unfasten it several times in the store, if there is the slightest difficulty – better look at other chains. The most popular and one of the most reliable castles is round; the carbine lock also serves well. But the original box, toggle and magnetic models of locks, unfortunately, are not very practical.

In addition, gold is considered a solar metal that carries a positive energy. Many people are convinced that such energy energizes with energy, relieves of troubles, gives health and vitality.

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